Episode 49: On Finding Career Clarity and Setting Personal Goals with Elena Deutsche of Women Interested in Leaving (Big) Law

You are pretty sure partnership is not right for you but you aren’t sure what is so you stay. You stay in Big Law because, despite the challenges, it truly is the easiest thing to do.. and let’s be honest, the pay doesn’t suck. Today I chat with executive coach, Elena Deutsche, who helps Big Law associates figure out what they want to do next. 

What you’ll learn:

  • The reason why Elena loves working with lawyers
  • How WILL (Women Interested in Leaving big Law) came to be
  • Why she chose to focus the program on women
  • What to expect from working with a transition coach
  • The importance of mindset
  • Figuring out what gives you a little spark of joy
  • How finances affect your mindset while thinking about making a transition
  • How to connect in order to find a mentor
  • Support systems that are available for those wanting to leave law

Best Advice for Finding Happiness:

“The ones who are able to connect with that part of themselves that’s not living by the shoulds they learn to tell themselves different stories. They start to think, well I want to figure this out, I can figure it out.”


Connect with Elena:


On Her Website: (http://womeninterestedinleavinglaw.com/)  

On Twitter: (https://twitter.com/elenaatwk)

On LinkedIn: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-deutsch-1b378a32/)

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