Episode 57: On the Millennial Money Fix with co-authors Heather and Douglas Boneparthe

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Happy Halloween Lawyers! Today we’ll be talking about all of the scariest topics any young lawyer can experience; money, marriage, and motherhood. Today, husband and wife duo, Heather and Douglas Boneparthe share the story of Heather’s journey as a law student, how they managed their money as young singles and how they tackle their financial goals as a couple (plus one!). You’ll also learn about their new book, Millennial Money Fix, and how it can help young millennials, just like you, get a handle on the basics of finances.


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What you’ll learn:

  • How Heather’s student loan debt clouded her decisions
  • How to prioritize your financial goals
  • Learning how to take control of your financial decisions
  • The importance of emotional honesty when tackling finances on your own or with your partner
  • What you’ll learn from reading The Millennial Money Fix
  • How to manage maternity leave as a working professional


Best Advice for Finding Happiness:

“Those who find happiness are those who are in control”


“Only you know the move that is best for you, if it’s not the right thing only you can change it”



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Connect with Heather & Douglas:


On The Book Website: http://www.themillennialmoneyfix.com/

Their Facebook Book Page, https://www.facebook.com/millmoneyfix

On Their Book’s Twitter, https://twitter.com/millmoneyfix

On Their Book’s LinkedIn Page, https://www.linkedin.com/company/11104789/

On Her Twitter, https://twitter.com/averagejoelle?lang=en

On His Twitter, https://twitter.com/dougboneparth


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