Episode 64: On Using Move Tracker to Prepare For Your Next Big Move with Micah Springut, Founder and CEO of Laterally

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Happy Holidays Lawyers! On the last interview of 2017, I chat with Micah Springut, CEO and co-founder of Laterally, about how their newest feature can help you set better career goals in 2018. Laterally is a leading marketplace of law firm and in-house counsel jobs. With the addition of Move Tracker, Laterally is bring real data to your job search. We chat about the founding of Laterally, how to utilize Move Tracker, and Micah shares his thoughts on upcoming trends in the law.

What you’ll learn:

The root of Micah’s interest in the legal profession
What Laterally is and how it works
All about Laterlly’s new tool Move Tracker
How to interpret data from Move Tracker correctly
The benefits of combining Laterally data and technology with human consultants
The current industry trends
Things to consider when choosing which path you take within the law
What’s next for Laterally

Best Advice for Finding Happiness:

“There is a lot of stuff outside the law that is really interesting and, whether you have a law degree or not, the types of people that get law degrees would be really really good at them.”

“If that feeling when a memo goes off to a client and you just are onto the next thing and you don’t feel anything behind it, there is maybe something out there, maybe the thing that sparked you to go to law school or maybe something in a completely different field where you feel a thrill to get up and do it everyday.”


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On the Laterally Website: https://laterally.com/landing

On the LinkedIn Company Page: https://laterally.com/landing

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/laterallyapp

On the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LaterallyApp  

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